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VMRay Analyzer combines rapid reputation scoring of files with a unique agentless hypervisor-based monitoring approach for deep analysis. With this combination VMRay Analyzer delivers rapid threat detection at scale coupled with the most comprehensive dynamic threat analysis in the industry.

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White papers

VMRay Sandbox Evasion Whitepaper
Malware authors use 3 categories of techniques to conceal the real behavior of malicious files and evade analysis. This whitepaper covers in-detail these 3 approaches used to evade analysis.

Defeat-Evasive-Malware-VMRay-Whitepaper.pdf 863.93 kB

VMRay Analyzer Data Sheet
VMRay Analyzer's agentless hypervisor-based approach is a revolutionary departure from traditional sandbox analysis methods. See the difference in our Data Sheet.

VMRay-Analyzer-Data-Sheet.pdf 769.54 kB