CPE Points





How it works

You are able to claim (ISC)² credits by attending education sessions, workshops and training courses at Cyber Security Europe 2017, located at IP EXPO Europe.

When you register to attend Cyber Security Europe 2017 you will be asked to input your (ISC)² membership number on the registration form. It is essential that you do this as this enables your credits to be automatically allocated to your membership number after Cyber Security Europe 2017.

Your participation in the education programme is recorded when you are scanned as you enter each session.

How many credits can I claim?

You are able to claim the following:
30 minutes: 0.5 credits
60 minutes: 1 credit

Which theatres/sessions provide credits?

By attending specific sessions in the following theatres, you are able to claim CPE credits:

IP EXPO Keynote Theatre
Cyber Security Keynote Theatre
CARM Theatre
Identity and Access Management Theatre
Cyber Threat Protection Theatre
Future of Threat Intelligence Theatre
Cloud Security Theatre
Cyber Hack Theatre
Backup & Availability Theatre

When will I receive my credits?

Your credits will be automatically credited to your membership number approximately 4-5 weeks after the event. This is provided that you have completed your membership numbers correctly during the registration process, as stated within our registration.

Please understand that we require some time to audit, clean and verify all our data post show. When this process has been accomplished we then submit your data to (ISC)². Once submitted, they will need to insert it in their systems and then it should show on your profile automatically.

Please note that if you have not entered your membership number correctly during the registration process, we will not be able to identify your respective membership account and thus, your points will be lost.

I am an (ISC)² member, but have already registered without my membership number. What should I do?

You should receive an email from Cyber Security Europe 2017, giving you the opportunity to add your membership number to your registration. Please contact jodie.prior@imagotechmedia.com if you experience any issues.