DUO BeyondCorp: Creating Access Policies

Thursday 21 September 2017

In this post, we’ll talk about creating access policies. Your access proxy takes on the role of enforcing access to corporate resources, regardless of whether they’re outside or inside your traditional perimeter. Enforcement strategy is one way we express risk tolerance; rightsizing those policies depends on factors such as sensitivity, threat, user community, regulatory requirements, and any number of other things. And enforcing policies consistently for both sides of the firewall is a key tenet of the BeyondCorp model.

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Malwarebytes Finds 76 Percent of Local Councils in the UK Have Experienced Cyber-Attacks in Last 12 Months

Wednesday 20 September 2017

Legacy software and a lack of confidence in how to deal with zero-day attacks leaving local councils dangerously exposed to cyber-crime

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How prepared are you for the GDPR?

Tuesday 19 September 2017


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