Four New EMEA-wide Vendor Appointments for Nuvias

Monday 02 October 2017

Cyber Security, Advanced Networking and Unified Communications vendors on Nuvias stand

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The Value of Data on the Dark Web

Thursday 28 September 2017


Personal data is to the internet what oil has been to the industrialised era. Many organisations will provide digital services to consumers for free in exchange for personal data. This data becomes valuable to brands as they can then understand more about customers to target them with more relevant services, thereby increasing sales. It is also becoming more valuable to cyber-criminals as well.

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Firewalls Or Awareness Campaigns?

Wednesday 27 September 2017


Why choose one? It’s amazing how often organisations tend to focus on just one aspect of information security. At Neupart, we encourage organisations to take a more holistic approach. Information security is a journey, not a destination (corny as that may sound), which requires various measures and ongoing processes.

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