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APCON delivers network visibility, security and compliance solutions to the finance sector, healthcare and government organisations with business requirements that drive the need to continuously monitor and analyse their network traffic. APCON provides an unparalleled level of confidence to IT and security professionals seeking network and application performance insights and traffic data for enhanced investigation, threat detection and response. Organisations in more than 40 countries depend on APCON’s industry leading solutions. Please join us at stand D5 for a product demonstration or chat with our UK sales and engineering team to find out how we can help you address blind spots on your network.

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White papers

Cloud Solution Brief
Moving resources to the cloud introduces Visibility Gaps for IT Security and Operations Teams

Cloud_Solution_Brief.pdf 452.85 kB

Financial Sector Brochure
APCON magnifies data visibility and multiplies network security to remove risk.

Financial Sector Brochure_R2_lowres.pdf 6.39 MB

HyperEngine Blade
Enhance IntellaFlex XR network visibility systems with high speed packet processing features that increase efficiency and visibility for security and performance monitoring solutions.

HyperEngine_Blade_Datasheet.pdf 1.80 MB

IntellaFlex XR Network Security and Visibility Solutions
Real-time insights to help secure and protect your data

IntellaFlex_XR_Network_Security_and_Visibility_Solutions.pdf 2.58 MB

IntellaStore Security Visibility Platform
The need to protect critical company information against security threats in today’s volatile environment is more crucial than ever. Visibility into the network to monitor and analyze what data is going where and who is gaining access is the first step to protecting your information.

IntellaStore_Security_Visibility_Platform_Datasheet.pdf 1.60 MB

IntellaTap-VM Solution
Empowering Security & Overcoming Virtual Network Blind Spots

IntellaTap-VM_Solution_Brief.pdf 629.12 kB