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The explosion of data is a huge problem for organizations. Now with GDPR-like regulations coming into place, company data is now also a massive compliance risk. DocAuthority enables you to turn these compliance requirements into business opportunities and use them to dramatically improve all aspects of unstructured data usage, management and governance. DocAuthority's revolutionary and patented AI engine quickly and efficiently identifies and creates an inventory of all of your business data with the precision of 99.99%. With ease, you can now accurately identify both data's risk and its value and automate its ongoing classification, protection and retention while improving accessibility and quality.

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Guide to intelligent GDPR Compliance
How do organizations effectively find and protect a broader class of personal data in the often-chaotic proliferation of unstructured data? Find out.

180606_Intelligent GDPR Compliance_Doc Authority.pdf 1.31 MB

How to succeed in Data Loss Prevention Projects
AI automatically & accurately discovers and identifies the business meaning of your data, enabling you to cover all of your sensitive data and easily align your DLP rules with its authorized use by the business.

180606_DLP Integration_Doc Authority.pdf 2.04 MB

Data Retention in the era of Privacy Regulations
GDPR requires you to delete any PII record that is not under a regulated retention schedule, has consent or legitimate interest. Per the sheer amount of data, automation and accuracy will ultimately determine the level of success of such an effort. Find out how AI helps

180723_Data Retention_DLP Integration_Doc Authority-2.pdf 1.43 MB