Dot Origin

Dot Origin

Stand: D16

Dot Origin is an independent, value-added supplier and developer of technology for identity based security applications, making use of secure smart-cards, RFID/NFC tokens, biometrics and mobile device credentials.

Specializing in:
• IT and physical access control
• Two-factor authentication
• Public-key cryptography
• Data encryption
• Digital signatures

Featured solutions -

PKI-based 2FA smart-card logon in a box:
The low cost proof of concept kit, backed-up with expert support, to help you maximize security fast.

Physical access control software that radically simplifies and strengthens access management by extending existing Microsoft Active Directory infrastructure to deliver-
· Streamlined permissions administration
· Centralized monitoring and management across all sites
· Location-aware restrictions on sensitive IT application and data access.

Key-ID Encoder:
An easy-to-use tool that allows organizations to encode secure contactless identity cards with their own unique keys - avoiding any reliance on third parties and ensuring access-cards can’t be copied or cloned.

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White papers

How to fast-track cost effective PKI-based 2FA in a Windows environment
Implementing PKI-based network logon security in an organisation can leverage the smartcard authentication infrastructure built-in to Microsoft operating systems and used by government agencies and large corporates world-wide to provide a cost effective, standardised and highly secure solution.

How to fast-track cost effective PKI-based 2FA.pdf 459.51 kB

Benefits of adding user-location based controls in AD
Unifying physical and logical access management streamlines infrastructure, streamlines user management processes and strengthens security - supporting data security and compliance needs to prevent sensitive data and critical applications from being accessed outside secured areas.

Benefits of adding user-location based controls in AD.pdf 455.30 kB

Hybrid Smartcards - one cost-effective, secure credential for all identity & access applications
Giving staff one credential for all identity and access applications not only makes life easier for them, which aids their productivity, but also reduces overall costs and strengthens security across the organisation - enforcing behaviours that ensure protective measures are not circumvented.

Benefits of Hybrid Smartcards for Identity and Access Management.pdf 607.40 kB