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Garrison has pioneered an innovative security platform to counter the highest impact cyber threat to modern enterprises: that of persistent and targeted attacks which exploit corporate Internet connectivity. Browse the web, click on any link, open any attachment – Garrison’s unique approach to remote browsing provides risk free Internet access that is commercially affordable, highly secure, and delivers a great user experience at enterprise scale.

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  • Getting best value out of your proxy investments with ultra-secure browsing Wed 3rd Oct 15:40 - 16:10

    Getting best value out of your proxy investments with ultra-secure browsing

    Once upon a time, the job of the proxy as a security tool was clear: identify bad sites and bad content, and block it. With increasingly sophisticated and targeted attacks, this job is getting harder and harder. It is time for the job of the proxy (or the proxy service) to change. From identifying and blocking known bad sites, it must transitions to keeping endpoints protected by identifying and blocking potentially risky sites.

    But in some cases these risky sites provide valid content and services, and employees have a legitimate need to go there. Rather than simply unblocking them - after all, they still remain risky - the need is for an ultra-secure browsing solution that employees can use to visit even the riskiest sites without putting the endpoint at risk. Learn how Garrison SAVI® ultra-secure browsing can help you give your proxy or proxy service a new lease of life as a platform for risk-based policy enforcement.


    Henry Harrison

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    Wed 3rd Oct 15:40 to 16:10

    Cyber Threat Protection Theatre