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Osirium provides Privileged Access Management, Task Automation, Session Recording & Behavioural Analytics, to protect privileged accounts across the enterprise.

With the ever-evolving shape of a businesses infrastructure, it can be hard to understand who has access to what on a network. Add the complexities of outsourcing and control diminishes further. Osirium addresses this imbalance; managing an entire companies privileged credentials is made simple, managing third parties is made safe and all of this whilst maintaining regulatory compliance.

We enable a least privileged model, giving organisations strong control over who can do what, where and when on systems, devices and applications. Using Privileged Task Automation, help desk teams no longer need full access to privileged accounts. Pre-packaged tasks are easy to select and quick to execute; eliminating the possibility human error.

Designed for simplicity, ease-of-use and to require minimal deployment effort.  Speed to value is a key measure for all organisations; our approach enables an agile deployment across a multi-vendor estate.

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Osirium Seminars

  • You and your team are the most dangerous people in your organisation: Don't become a target Wed 3rd Oct 13:40 - 14:10

    You and your team are the most dangerous people in your organisation: Don't become a target

    These days it’s hard running IT and on top of that the attacks keep getting more sophisticated…
    This presentation is about understanding human nature, not creating super-secure password policies that end up with long but easy to crack passwords - the need to get business done and making better versions of the inevitable shortcuts.
    We’ll show ways of avoiding having to have accounts on systems. We’ll examine DevOps and SecOps issues when creating programs for delegated tasks, and how to delegate them to other departments. We hope you’ll leave relaxed, inspired and ready to be your organisation’s best friend.


    Andy Harris

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    Wed 3rd Oct 13:40 to 14:10

    Identity & Privileged Access Management Theatre

White papers

Best Practice Privileged Access Management with Osirium
Privileged Access Management is the embodiment of just in time, least privileged security models. This paper discusses how to implement these using Osirium’s PxM Platform.

osirium_pxm_best_practice.pdf 223.60 kB

Osirium Privileged Access Management 2.0 PxM
Osirium prevents attacks on Privileged Accounts by separating people from passwords. Task automation enables delegation of tasks, not privileges and Session Recording allows you to see who did what, where and when.

osirium_white_paper_07-16.pdf 3.03 MB