Smart GDPR

Smart GDPR

Stand: Start Up Zone V5b

Smart GDPR® is the only platform specifically designed to simplify and sustain the GDPR compliance, through collaboratives, cross-functional and agile business process management.

Smart GDPR® additionally offers a trusted marketplace to identify service providers and GDPR experts as a complement to your own resources and expertise.
(Delegated DPOs, Lawyers, Consulting firms, Cyber Security, Business Experts…)

Hosted on a secure infrastructure, Smart GDPR® offers the immediate answer to the three questions that every organisation asks itself:

-How to become compliant?
-How to stay compliant?
-What partners and service providers to choose?

Our solution is suitable for any type of organisations:
-GDPR service providers (integrators, DPO etc)
O-rganisations that would like to become GDPR compliant

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