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Jim Miller

Mr. Jim Miller 
Chairman and CEO 
ImageWare Systems, Inc.

We live in a world where our digital identity is the bridge to our human identity. The "Internet of things" (IoT) is essentially a giant network of connected "things” - a concept that not only has the potential to impact how we work, but also how we live. We can connect our devices to all manner of devices and people. This raises a huge concern with privacy and security in this connected world. Anything connected to your network is now a potential breach point; it makes data security more complex, information governance more complicated, and your corporate and customer data more vulnerable. The same concerns apply to BYOD, or as we sometimes say at ImageWare, “Bring Your Own Disaster” – every connection point is a data breach potential and a majority of folks use their personal devices at work where they access valuable corporate information.. We have seen too many times how this story ends - a single tablet or smartphone contains credentials to the entire corporate network and this “simple thing” can end up costing employers millions. There is only one thing that can verify the actual person – biometrics, one’s unique human characteristics. A person who knows the password or has the token is not verifying the actual person, because passwords can be discovered and tokens stolen. The user’s unique physical traits, that’s where ImageWare delivers value by allowing our users to replace or augment password or PIN security with easy to use biometrics. Just like your readers, I can’t wait until I can stop using passwords for everything and just use my face, voice, eyes, or some other biometric - more secure and nothing to remember each time I log in! More