Alexandre Cagnoni

Company: WatchGuard

Job Title: Director of Authentication

Alexandre Cagnoni

Alexandre (Alex) Cagnoni has 20 years of experience working in the cybersecurity and authentication market. Helped to plan and deploy MFA projects for banks and enterprises, from small corporate security, to multi-million users deployments. He was the co-founder, CTO and CEO of Datablink, a 10 years old company acquired by WatchGuard in 2017. He is the Director of Authentication for WatchGuard, responsible for AuthPoint, the new WatchGuard Multi-Factor Authentication offering.


Alexandre Cagnoni Seminars

  • How Do Hackers Steal Your Passwords? Wed 3rd Oct 11:00 - 11:30

    How Do Hackers Steal Your Passwords?

    Join us to learn more about the methods hackers use today to hack into your accounts and steal your passwords- everything from cracking tools to mimikatz. The simplicity of their methods will surprise you.


    Alexandre Cagnoni

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    Wed 3rd Oct 11:00 to 11:30

    Cyber Threat Protection