Charlotte Jee

Company: Jeneo

Job Title: Founder

Charlotte Jee

Charlotte is a journalist specialising in politics and technology. She is editor of Techworld, a website that covers startups, developers, security and everything new in the world of tech.
Charlotte is also founder of Jeneo, a venture aimed at making tech events more inclusive and getting more women on stage.
Charlotte has been interviewed live on BBC World and The Victoria Derbyshire Show, contributed to BBC Radio Four and the Spectator podcast and has written blog posts and features for the New Statesman.
She has experience organising, hosting and moderating events, in particular ‘The Techies’ awards and her own ‘Women in Tech Speak Up’ event series.

Charlotte Jee Seminars

  • PANEL: IP EXPO HOT TOPIC: AI Wed 3rd Oct 15:40 - 16:30


    No longer purely in the realms of science fiction the use of AI has exploded in the past few years, already being used to improve healthcare, enable self-driving cars, and stop security breaches. Undoubtedly the hottest topic in IT right now, AI is redefining how we live, interact and do business – it is set to have a profound impact on our everyday lives.

    Most companies already use AI to some degree, for example it is now commonplace as part of a spam filter. However it is accepted wisdom that in the future AI will become a core part of every company’s technology strategy. Learn what is already possible with AI directly from the companies using or developing this technology and discover what will be possible in the near future.


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    Wed 3rd Oct 15:40 to 16:30

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