Laurie Mercer

Company: HackerOne

Job Title: Security Engineer

Laurie Mercer

Laurie is a security engineer at HackerOne, the world’s most popular bug bounty platform. His primary focus is on responsible disclosure, vulnerability management and risk reduction for organizations of all sizes and security maturity. Laurie has a strong technical background, having worked as both a developer and penetration tester - he loves to find and fix vulnerabilities. He has worked with customers as diverse as Her Majesty the Queen and the Chinese government in various roles involving software, security and education. Outside of work, Laurie likes to develop black and white photos, knows his way around the foothills of the Himalayas, and can milk a yak.

Laurie Mercer Seminars

  • Crowdsourcing Security Risk Assessment Wed 3rd Oct 15:00 - 15:50

    Crowdsourcing Security Risk Assessment

    Cybercriminals have never been so notorious. As technology innovation seems to outpace security defenses, organizations, including the U.S. Department of Defense, are turning to ethical-hackers to assess risk and see where they are most vulnerable. Can these external hackers be trusted? Hear from leading experts about the misconceptions of working with hackers, what vulnerabilities are most common and how these programs can be used to manage and assess risk.


    Laurie Mercer

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    Wed 3rd Oct 15:00 to 15:50

    Cyber Hack