Lisa Forte

Company: Red Goat Cyber Security LLP

Job Title: Partner

Lisa Forte

Lisa began her career working in anti-piracy intelligence off the coast of Somalia before moving into Counter-terrorism intelligence for a UK Government agency.  Lisa researched the process of online radicalisation by terrorist groups. This included studying how social media algorithms could be exploited for radicalising British nationals as well as looking at the lengthy and risky social engineering process undertaken by terrorist recruiters.
Lisa then moved into one of the UK Police Cyber-Crime Units where she got to know the attackers’ mind sets and methodologies well.  The unit dealt with serious cyber-crime cases working closely with international law enforcement agencies such as the FBI. Victim companies ranged from small to multi-national organisations and almost all the cases involved social engineering.
Lisa left in 2017 to start her own company, Red Goat Cyber Security LLP, with the goal of reflecting the techniques and methodologies actually being employed by hackers. They provide GCHQ certified social engineering awareness training for staff and wargaming cyber-attack exercises to help organisations prepare for an attack.
Lisa Forte frequently writes for business publications and appears as a guest on many business podcasts.  Lisa is an experienced cybercrime keynote speaker having spoken in major conferences around the world.

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Lisa Forte Seminars

  • PANEL: Privacy vs Security - the good, the bad & the ugly Thu 4th Oct 12:20 - 13:10

    PANEL: Privacy vs Security - the good, the bad & the ugly

    Privacy has been in the spotlight in recent years with revelation about how much access both government agencies and more recently social networks have to personal data. However in a catch-22 situation both privacy at the expense of security and security at the expense of privacy seem to be equally unpalletable. So how does one strike a balance between two sides so far at odds with each other and find a middle ground acceptable to all parties?


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    Thu 4th Oct 12:20 to 13:10

    Keynote Theatre

  • Real cases of social engineering: hackers, competitors and insiders Thu 4th Oct 13:40 - 14:10

    Real cases of social engineering: hackers, competitors and insiders

    Social engineering can range from a simple phishing email to a prolonged campaign to turn one of your employees into a malicious insider. Lisa will share some interesting cases she has worked on involving large organisations that have been attacked through social engineering by both malicious actors and competitors. She will detail how the process works, what to look out for when it comes to insider threats and how cyber organised crime groups are trading in fake social media profiles.


    Lisa Forte

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    Thu 4th Oct 13:40 to 14:10

    Cyber Security Keynote