Paul Ducklin

Company: Sophos

Job Title: Senior Technologist

Paul Ducklin

Paul Ducklin has been many things at Sophos: programmer, malware analyst, technical supporter, public speaker, security evangelist, and now proselytiser. (That's like an evangelist, but more so.)
These days, Paul spends most of his time writing for Sophos's award-winning community website, Naked Security, where he has built up a global reputation as the go-to guy for explaining even the most technical issues in plain language.

Paul Ducklin Seminars

  • PANEL: Privacy vs Security - the good, the bad & the ugly Thu 4th Oct 12:20 - 13:10

    PANEL: Privacy vs Security - the good, the bad & the ugly

    Privacy has been in the spotlight in recent years with revelation about how much access both government agencies and more recently social networks have to personal data. However in a catch-22 situation both privacy at the expense of security and security at the expense of privacy seem to be equally unpalletable. So how does one strike a balance between two sides so far at odds with each other and find a middle ground acceptable to all parties?


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    Thu 4th Oct 12:20 to 13:10

    Keynote Theatre